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Armstrong, Thomas M., MD
Internal Medicine
Chen, Melinda E., MD
Fellowship – IU School of Medicine
Pediatrics / Pediatric Endocrinology
DeWester, Jeffrey N., MD
Dewester Treatment & Research
Family Medicine
Douglas, Annette C., MD
Diagnostic Radiology
Doytchinova, Anisiia T., MD
Fellowship – IU School of Medicine
Internal Medicine / Cardiovascular Disease
Gangadhar, Shiva P., MD
Rehabilitation Associates of IN
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Hiatt, Kelly K., MD
Community Physician Network
ENT Care East Otolaryngology
Lee, Jiwon, MD
Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC
Scott, Kenneth G., MD
Radiology of Indiana
Diagnostic Radiology
Smith, Kenneth L., DO
Resident – IU School of Medicine
Smith, Kimberly N., DO
Resident – St. Vincent Hospital
Family Medicine
Thiel, Garrett J., MD
Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC
St. Vincent Hospital / Anesthesiology
As president of IMS, I welcome you to membership into an organization representing you as physicians, your patients, and quality medical services since 1848. I encourage your participation in our IMS activities including meetings and written contributions to the Bulletin.

IMS can only be as energized as the members who comprise it, so reach out to your IMS colleagues and get to know them, as well as, our focus of collegiality and quality medical care.

Susan K. Maisel, MD, IMS President

If you want more information about our newest IMS members, visit them on our physician finder here. A simple search is all that is required.

Join us for the 7th Annual Carmel Marathon Weekend!

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Start time for all events: 7:30am
Welcome Members of the Indianapolis Medical Society!

We’re excited to partner with the Carmel Marathon!

Join Team IMS and support our charity, the Gennesaret Free Clinics.

For every IMS member that participates in the Carmel 5K, Carmel Marathon will donate $10 to our charity, Gennesaret Free Clinics on behalf of the Indianapolis Medical Society.

In addition, for members wanting to run farther, Carmel Marathon will donate the following: $10 for every ISG8K entry and $20 for every Carmel Marathon or Half Marathon entry.

For more information, click here.

To register online, click here.

For brochure or to register by mail, click here.

As physicians, we must speak up for our patients

Mar 01, 2017
Andrew W. Gurman, MD, President, American Medical Association. @AndyGurmanMD

While the future direction of our health care system has become one of the most debated issues in the nation, it is important that physicians are involved in the conversation to ensure that our patients do not lose the coverage that they depend on to live happier, healthier lives. This was the major focus of my speech this week at the AMA’s National Advocacy Conference, and certainly a topic addressed in President Trump’s remarks last night before a joint session of Congress.

The political landscape in Washington, D.C. has changed dramatically since last year. With a renewed debate about the role of government in the U.S. health care system, it is important for us to remember that we, the AMA, are a nonpartisan organization that works with both political parties to improve care for our patients and to improve the health of the nation.

As physicians, we approach this debate through the lens of our mission to work together for the betterment of patient health. This is rooted in sound medical ethics and scientific evidence, as well as the longstanding policies adopted by the AMA’s House of Delegates.

Physicians know that patients who do not have coverage live sicker and die younger. While the Affordable Care Act is not perfect, it has provided new coverage to 20 million Americans and has improved the health of our nation. Any reform proposal must preserve those gains and move us closer to coverage for all Americans.

In January, our CEO, James L. Madara, MD, wrote to Congress and the new administration to lay out the AMA’s vision for health system reform. Among the key points is a recognition that health system reform is an ongoing endeavor. We welcome proposals that make coverage more affordable and provide greater choice for our patients--and that also increase the number of those insured.

However, Congress should not take steps to repeal this law without telling the American people, in reasonable detail, what will replace the current policies.

As health reform advances, the AMA continues to urge policymakers to pursue improvements to health care, such as:
  • Ensuring that individuals currently covered do not become uninsured and take steps toward coverage and access for all Americans.
  • Maintaining key insurance market reforms, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions, guaranteed issue and parental coverage for young adults.
  • Stabilizing and strengthening the individual insurance market.
  • Ensuring that low/moderate income patients are able to secure affordable and meaningful coverage.
  • Ensuring that Medicaid, CHIP and other safety net programs are adequately funded.
  • Reducing regulatory burdens that detract from patient care and increase costs.
  • Providing greater cost transparency throughout the health care system.
  • Incorporating common sense medical liability reforms.
  • Continuing the advancement of delivery reforms and new physician-led payment models to achieve better outcomes, higher quality and lower spending trends.

Health system reform will remain a major focus of our work in 2017, because, as physicians, we stand in a unique position to advocate for our patients to ensure that the progress already achieved in coverage gains and increased access to care are not pulled out from under their feet. Whether advocating for our patients in the House of Medicine or before your elected officials in the Halls of Congress, I urge you to be an active voice in the health reform debate in our country today.

Volunteer as Physician of the Day!

This year, show the 2017 General Assembly who you are, particularly legislators from your community by volunteering as Physician of the Day.

Physicians are needed during March at the Statehouse to treat minor ailments of legislators and their staffs. Volunteers are also introduced before the House and Senate, and have the opportunity to meet their representatives.

For information, contact Rhonda Bennett at the ISMA at or call (317) 261-2060.

Work RVU Calculator Developed

Most employed physicians have contracts that require them to bill a minimum number of work RVUs in a year. Physicians don’t have any way to know how many RVUs they produce or how to maximize their RVUs.

The calculator was developed by Harris County Medical Society and is available to all IMS Members. The physician selects their specialty and a monthly, quarterly or yearly time period. A spreadsheet of the most common CPT codes in their specialty is shown.

Enter the number of times you perform each CPT code and the spreadsheet calculates your total work RVUs.

To view the link, please click here.

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