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Want to serve on a Committee for the IMS?

Want Your Voice Heard? Want to make a difference without making a significant time commitment?

The Indianapolis Medical Society needs you to serve on a Committee. Make a difference in the professional lives of your colleagues, friends, and family in medicine. Take an active role in the IMS!

Please phone or e-mail Beverly Hurt, EVP, at (317) 639-3406 or

Commission on Medical & Health Affairs

The Commission on Medical and Health Affairs shall consider and report to the Board of Directors on matters of medical and health care of the public, matters which generally affect the members of the Corporation in their general relationship with the public, matters which affect the circumstances in which members of the Corporation practice, and matters which threaten the integrity of patient/physician relationships. It shall be the Commission's responsibility to communicate the views of the Corporation to the public and public representatives. The President of the Society shall serve as Chairperson of the Commission on Medical and Health Affairs.

Commission on Professional Affairs

The Commission on Professional Affairs shall serve as the guardian of the ethics for medical practice of the membership, investigating the charges made against individual members of the Corporation by patients and/or fellow members as set forth in Article I of the Bylaws. The Commission on Professional Affairs shall, upon its determination of innocence, assist in the defense of members of the Corporation who have unjustly been accused. The Society's Commission on Professional Affairs is organized pursuant to Indiana's Peer Review Act as set forth at I.C. 34-4-12.6-1 et al, and claims all the rights, privileges, confidentiality and immunities provided therein. The IMS President Elect shall serve as Chairperson of the Commission on Professional Affairs.

Commission on Membership Services

The Commission on Membership Services shall deal with matters of individual benefit to members including but not limited to educational, social and general programs and publications. It shall be the responsibility of the Commission to solicit qualified applicants for membership, conduct appropriate programs to encourage continued membership in the Corporation and report to the Board of Directors. The Immediate Past President shall be Chairperson of the Commission on Membership Services and shall review applications during regularly scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee.

Medical/Legal Committee

Partnering with the Indianapolis Bar.