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Project Health Archive

Unfortunately, Project Health has had to close permanently. Effective April 4, 2014, there is no one in the office to take calls or answer questions. Patients who have not signed up for the Affordable Care Act must wait until November 15th and try again. Patients who are not citizens should apply for Eskenazi Advantage at (317) 880-5001.

It has been our pleasure to have served you for the last 10 years. We wish you the very best in the future.

The Mission

To expand access to care for low income, adult, uninsured residents of Indianapolis (Marion County), in partnership with volunteer physicians, hospitals, labs, community clinics, the pharmaceutical industry, and other providers in a system of coordinated, case managed charity care.

Project Health Goals

decline of ER usage

Project Health's education of the patients about emergency room use now saves the hospitals over $1-million per year.

Achievements - $38-Million in Free Care to Patients

88 Cancer Surgeries followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments

Paula Hall, MD

"Project Health boils down to Hoosiers taking care of Hoosiers" says Paula Hall, MD, Chairman of Project Health’s Advisory Board. "The experts said it could not be done in Indianapolis because we have such a competitive healthcare market. We have proven them wrong many times over. Taking care of a Project Health patient is like helping your neighbor who is a little down on his luck. They are unbelievably grateful, and you feel good for having had the opportunity to help."

Project Health Partnering Hospitals

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Who are Project Health Patients?

Most patients are what we call the working poor. They make a little too much money to qualify for other charity programs, so Project Health takes them. 66% work full or part-time but their employer either doesn’t offer insurance (24%) or they find the premiums too expensive (44%). Most patients come to PH with serious illnesses because they delay treatment too long. They have worked hard all of their lives. They are embarrassed to ask for help. They are humble and very afraid.

Most of our patients are minorities with 43% Hispanic, 19% African American and 38% Caucasian. Less than 1% are of normal weight, 45% are very overweight and 55% are morbidly obese causing all the co-morbidities such as 26% diabetes, 21% with depression and 27% with hypertension.

John McGoff, MD

Patient Responsibilities

Benefits to Doctors

Where Funding Comes From

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Where Your Donation Goes

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Project Health Statistics